New Qubes Website! New Whonix Website?

wow , it is a change. good one they made.

yeah we need to give it a try for a new home page (which i have failed to find a man with a word to do it before this time).

What do you think? @Ego

Good day,

well, if you recall, I was unable to replicate the current wiki, otherwise, I’d already tried a few things…

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Ah. Right. I didn’t connect the dots, sorry. So now I have more reason to work on the following thread so you can be unblocked here.

Ticket for not forgetting about this:

Whonix main page is much more simplistic now.

(The old homepage has been moved to https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Portal.)

hmm not sure , but u have over simplified it i think ?

where is kvm ?

Extended the Whonix home page with more text. The fresher text has been written by @JasonJAyalaP.

The text is better, but the Whonix home page still is nowhere near a modern, usable homepage.

I am beginning to question if mediawiki is still suitable. Originally, I was impressed by mediawiki because it theoretically allows to have translations. The Whonix project exists since 2012. Okay, well, we are not being using mediawiki for that long. However, we do not have that many translations, as preparing wiki pages for translations [1], training translators, accepting translations is a tedious project. By comparison, torproject.org, a project with several million USD funding per year and multiple full time employees did not succeed getting a multi lingual website yet, so I think that goal was too ambitious.

If mediawiki is a blocker to get a new website, it should be ditched. Perhaps it’s fine to keep mediawiki for most wiki pages but to get higher quality project homepage and download page.

Notes on the requirement for the new website:

[1] https://forums.whonix.org/t/whonix-org-wiki-translation-mediawiki-extension-translate-technical-discussion

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Well, that has been an idea I’ve supported from the start if you recall:

Looking at the requirements, I personally would have to look at how to make the whole thing compatible with porse.io, have never worked with a content delivery system of this sorts though I will look into it this weekend, as I finally have a bit of freetime. However, before I really get into this, I have to finish something I started way back in Febuary regarding Windows and the ease of installing and using Whonix. That is currently a mess. A working mess, but a rather unpleasent mess in regards to usability I want to have cleaned up before release…

Looking at the other requirements for the site, there seems to be no bigger issue for me. I actually already created sites purely consisting of HTML code without the use of JS. The only problem I had with those was triggering the mobile version when necessary, as reading the display size is hard without JS code and relying on the resolution isn’t really feasible in these times, considering most smartphones use resolutions higher than some Laptops…

So that would be a challenge to solve, however for the time beeing, I’d focus on creating a nice looking base anyways.

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Well, that has been an idea I’ve supported from the start if you recall:

I know, and remember. But took until now to finally give up on
mediawiki. I was mistake for the need to constantly update the homepage.
It’s really not required even less since there now is a much simpler

Looking at the requirements, I personally would have to look at how to make the whole thing compatible with porse.io,

Never mind prose.io for now.

(prose.io would be more important, if we totally moved away from
mediawiki. To leave others still a usably way to make documentation
contributions. But for now it’s just the homepage and perhaps download
page. If the website is git based (why shouldn’t the code be added to
git), then prose.io comes for free without additional work required.)

Good day,

So just looked at a few dozen bootstrap templates and as far as I can tell, most of them are either based on JS, which we are trying to not use at all or don’t have any segnificant benefit over plain html together with CSS, as far as I can tell. In regards to that, I actually found a way to create a rather nice parallax effect without the need for JS, which is explained here: http://keithclark.co.uk/articles/pure-css-parallax-websites/ This even works when accessing a site via the TBB using the highest possible security settings and having NoScript active.

I feel like I’ll use this method to create a fitting homepage in the near future, one which fits in with the style of the forum we now have.

Have a nice day,


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Good day,

So I’ve created what could be considered a rudimentary base upon which we may or may not base future work on a new homepage. You may view it here: http://whonix-test.bitballoon.com/ The password is “password” and the site is based soely on CSS and HTML, no JS anywhere. It also runs flawlessly when NoScript is enabled.

Now, as you may have noticed, this site looks a bit like the homepage of a rather pretentious start-up whose concept is selling overpriced VPN’s to users who don’t know better, but that’s what the surfers are into these days…

If you have any more ideas on how to improve/change/modify this design, please tell me so.

Have a nice day,


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First impression is truly awesome! A lot better than what we have currently.

  • Please add the Qubes symbol to the download section.
  • Rename link Wiki -> Docs (I guess docs works well enough no need for Documentation)
  • Share twitter and facebook simple links in the footer. (Like in the current wiki footer. Perhaps with license trouble free images if any.)
  • The leak prevention image looks is cut at the right.
  • On android mobile browser the menu always takes half of the screen size when scrolling down.

And as for the background image or image overall… Emotionally appealing images would be good. Let’s see how you find my idea…

From https://anonymous-proxy-servers.net I find their (1), (2), (3) concept quite good. Although their images are not that great. The left image, the scanned and badly surprised women on the left is not bad and the t-shirt image on the right does not communicate anything related to the topic. (Is it a t-shirt shop, or what? :))

Maybe for the Whonix website we also could use this step based approach…

Maybe also 3 steps:

  1. feel bad, you have a problem
  2. Whonix is the solution
  3. feel good, you have the solution

Or just two steps:

  1. feel bad, you have a problem
  2. feel good, Whonix is the solution

…combined with better illustrative images that are emotionally appealing. What do you think?

Could you remove the password please? If you worry about search engines, we could just configure noindex for it? I’d like to blog about it to gather more feedback. We can do that when you feel ready for that.

Looks great! (was gonna suggest green to go along with Whonix’s eco-friendly german roots). At the risk of being more pretentious, you could throw in a couple quotes…


Good day,

Will do, need to change a few CSS settings first though so the whole site scales properly on all browsers and Qubes can be properly included (Looks a bit like a mess if you look a the most recent version)…


Actually, if you recall, there was this nice field before the footer where I just wrote “What shall I put here…” so I thought I’ d use that. Looks fine as far as I can tell. Putting it in the footer would overblow it a little bit.

Actually, it isn’t, depending on the browser it either get rendered completely or you have to scroll out a bit/lot. Ties in with the aforementioned CSS issues.

Same as before, though for phones I’d like to somehow have a mobile site anyways.

Need to again see, whether or not this can be done without JS. Their solution for users with NoScript (i.e. loading a new site for each slide) isn’t as fluid as I’d like to have it. The slide show could be placed instead of the “breathtaking” CC0 mountain view I got from Fedora…

Yeah, proper images for such a slideshow would be important, otherwise it’ll seem rather obscure.

Might be a good idea. First of all though, I need to find a way to get this to work for anyone accessing the site.

Thing is, at the moment I don’t have a proper Impressum, etc. so I’m a bit reluctant with making that public. Also, the site hosting this is a third party over which I have no control. Just used there solution because they allowed a fast presentation of HTML and CSS without the need for complex workarounds.

I have no problem with that, though like I said it’s hosted on a third party, without the necessary legal cover…


Aside from wanting to make a car joke now, I have to admit that I just used green because it was the pre selected color in a CSS file under the MIT license I got from Github and used to somewhat orient myself. Was a long time since I last had to code a page without JS.

Would need some ideas on that, as I’m not sure what kind of quotes we could use here. Maybe something from “the intercept” or “Golem” as they sometimes run rather positive stories on Whonix and are somewhat known news sites? Or something along the lines of: “Whonix helped me evade surveillance and loose 12 pounds in seven days, learn the trick they don’t want you to know…” xD.

Have a nice day,


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What quotes do we have? I haven’t been great in past tracking media coverage and quotes. Which quotes are great?

Micah Lee
"Whonix, an operating system you can run in a virtual machine to maximize your online anonymity; it’s ideal for maintaining a secret identity."

“Whonix adds a layer of anonymity to your business tasks”

“For the even more paranoid, there is a lesser-known Tor-enabled OS called Whonix.”

“Devs cook up ‘leakproof’ all-Tor untrackable platform”


A separately coded page or responsive?

What I had in mind should probably work without JS. Just static images / text. I didn’t notice a slideshow and not suggest one.


Let’s see how you find my above quoted Quotes.



I didn’t notice until now, that the anonymous-proxy-servers.net steps one, two, three are clickable. Therefore I didn’t suggest a slide show. By inferring from the person I know best, myself, I don’t think these clickable steps are useful. (Since I kept overlooking them to this day.) (But would be open to convinced otherwise.) I guess that is what you called slideshow. I was only trying to brainstrom mostly two emotionally appealing images to illustrate the problem (user tracking) and solution (Whonix). I consider this a bonus rather than requirement. If finding / drawing such images is hard, we could try (later?) to find someone who can create them. Even commercial offering. For now it’s all very vague. Just brainstorming these images conceptually.

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