new Free Pascal / wixl based Whonix Windows Installer 2023 Edition

The problem with the old Whonix Windows installer was that it required an actual Windows to build the Whonix Windows Starter as well as the Whonix Windows Installer. Therefore it required a contributor to keep building the WIndows installer. A manual, repetitive, laborious, tedious process. The contributor is no longer active. Hence the Whonix Windows Installer was deprecated.

The new wixl based Whonix Windows Installer can be cross build from Linux for Windows. Build dependencies are available from Therefore it can be automated, integrated into the Whonix build process. Then maintenance should be much easier. Cross building documentation isn’t available yet and integration into Whonix build process (derivative-maker) is still open TODO.

Whonix ™ Windows Installer - Design Documentation chapter Verification of Code Signing Process in Whonix wiki

add support for “apt install fp-units-win-rtl” instead of "apt install fp-units-win-rtl-3.2.2

Integration into Whonix build process was done.


  • Acquiring an EV code signing certificate for Windows authenticode to avoid Microsoft SmartScreen Filter warning message,
  • signature creation automation.

Running into a GitLab 100 MB maximum file size restriction for Kicksecure / VirtualBox Windows Installer Binary · GitLab which the new VirtualBox Windows exe slightly exceeds.

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GitHub has the same issue.

GitHub blocks files larger than 100 MiB.