Network is unreachable with VPN_Firewall

Hello, I finally get Whonix working on my PC. But now there are some problems with networking.

I use OpenVPN client on my host computer and then launch Whonix-Gateway. In this case Tor working correctly.

But in other, I start VPN_Firewall by Adrelanos (I prefer old version, it is much simple and it had worked correctly before with earlier Whonix versions) and then I’ve got errors in Whonix-Gateway.

Tor progress stuck at 80% and the reason is “Network is unreachable”.

How can I repair my Gateway?

And how this error is possible? Without VPN enabled nothing can reach Internet. And when I enable VPN everything have to rout through that VPN. And it seems like Whonix-Gateway want to rout to Internet not through VPN. Am I right?

Thank You!

I understand you saw this when running Whonix KVM however this seems a Whonix specific problem and not something to do with KVM.

VPN-Firewall on the host might be blocking something that KVM requires.
I did not test VPN-Firewall compatibility with KVM.

If there is an issue, then no operating system inside KVM should work.
Not just Whonix. Can you try that?

Old versions of VPN-Firewall are unsupported.

For the current version of VPN-Firewall, if that is an issue, feel free
to report a bug on github. Perhaps someone would fix it but it would
probably take a long time until I will find time to look into it.