Network: Changing the complete /16


I just tried to change the /16 of the gw and ws’s network. It looks like changing /etc/network/interfaces.d/30_non-qubes-whonix isn’t enough, the fw rules and the tor config and some scripts need to be edited as well. Is there a list of files available which need to be changed in this case?



grep Whonix ™ source code

Thanks! I already made a few builds from scratch. It of these were successful because of the great howto in the Wiki. But this one is a littlebit too difficult for me. After successful build and install, I already tried to change serveral scripts (iptables, tor, whonix) to change the predefined /18 to a complete another address. Changing the last octet of the address was successful but a complete another address with changes in the second or third octet I never had any luck. It would be very helpful to know all of the files that need to be changed.

What about the hardcoded stuff :slight_smile:

Unrelated. My above answer didn’t mean to imply build from scratch required.

grep Whonix ™ source code is an option to get a list of files where IP addresses are mentioned.

Use grep Whonix ™ source code


  • Those in folder /etc, see:

For .d folder available: no issue if using that


You would end up with an dpkg interactive conflict resolution dialog

  • Some hardcoded in /usr/bin don’t matter since you can modify configuration files in /etc, sometimes .d folder available.
  • Some hardcoded don’t matter.

I’ll add some more source code comments on this subject soon.

Just now,

  • added commentary on each instance of hardcoded IP addresses.
  • simplified customization of anon-ws-disable-stacked-tor GATEWAY_IP address variable.


All such comments menntion IP HARDCODED to make these easier to discover.

If you find instances of hardcoded IP addresses which aren’t (sufficiently) commented, let me know.

Might look more complicated than it is. In case you’re wondering: it’s sufficiently customizable. Hardcoded or not. Shouldn’t be a major roadblock. IP change should be possible. But untested.

Me testing this and/or step by step instructions is unsupported as this is a rather geeky feature.