Needed Wiki Templates

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Patrick has started noting what wiki templates are needed to save everybody time in the long run. So far he has come up with:

  • Adding Third-party Repositories
  • GPG Fingerprint Verification
  • Adding Signing Keys

What others need to be on this list? I’m sure you have a few ideas - please add them.

Perhaps empty templates can be created in the first instance, and we can start to fill these out over time. I’m happy to help where I can.

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Created these three for now.

Will suggest others as inspiration arrives. :slight_smile:

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(Sorry about cross-posting, but it came out of wiki editing and is best kept recorded on this thread for posterity)

Do we need a Maintainer Required Warning Box template?

I know the status box template already exists, but I keep seeing the manual warning box repeated all throughout the verifiable builds templates I have been editing of late.

So the template could look something like this:

| image = [[File:Ambox_warning_pn.svg.png|40px|alt=verifiable builds warning icon]]
| text =

A dedicated [[Contribute#Maintainer|maintainer]] is required.

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Yes, created empty

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Debian release suite jessie

Some pages in this list…
Search results for "jessie" - Whonix

Should not use jessie verbatim, but this template instead?

It cannot be mass replace. Need to keep the context in mind. See if a change on that page would make sense when it’s mass changed.

VPN-Firewall: Enforce use of a VPN “only tested on Debian jessie” is a bad idea to auto upgrade to “only tested on Debian stretch” when that was not actually done.

On the other hand, for Install Additional Software Safely that would be sensible.

Template:Update - Whonix

[[Update]] your package lists.

(Or a rewrite of it.)

You need a License template, since I keep seeing the old outdated text (2014 instead of 2017) everywhere. You could just create and cut and paste the following text:

= License =

Whonix Bridges wiki page Copyright (C) Amnesia 
Whonix Bridges wiki page Copyright (C) 2012 - 2017 Patrick Schleizer 

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details see the wiki source code.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see the wiki source code for details.
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Search results for "jessie-backports.list" - Whonix

I would like to have an “Open Arm” template. Could you please help me to create an empty one, @Patrick?

It seems that a Wiki Page (template) can only by created by people with that privilege? Is it true?

If it is true, do you think it will be a good idea for people to create a Wiki page but still need a review before becoming stable? I guess it is more of a technical issue on how to do this with the current wiki, instead of a policy issue?

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Yes, new page creation is restricted to block spam (most spam bots use new page creation).

It’s a technical issue. Most new created pages are created by spam bots.

Modification of existing template wiki pages has to be reviewed before going live.

Template created:

What’s best, run arm, start arm, open arm?

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Thank you very much for your help, @Patrick!


Related Changes:

I actually prefer “start arm”, because this is actually what is described in that template. But since it is a reference for Wiki editor only, it is Okay if we do not want to change it.

BTW, is there a place where we can find all the existing template pages? Because it will be really helpful for Wiki editor and translators.

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Renamed to Start_Arm.

Surely useful. Yes, there is. :slight_smile:

Special pages - Whonix


Lists of pages


Namespace: Template

—> Go

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Thank you for your instructions!

It seems this is a more direct link:

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