Need more hops in circuits


I am using my personal private bridges to access tor network
I also configured tor browser to use them. And today I see this. I cannot attach the pic forum doesnt let me do that.
So tor browser shows the circuit as follows
This Browser
Exit country 2

I assume whonix works same way and this is a problem. Looks like I am having 2 hops instead of 3 due to the use of bridge. But the bridge is also me basically its not anonymous.

How comes bridge is treated as node? Is there a way I can configure it to use 3 hops with a bridge? Or did I get it wrong and its still 3 hops beside bridge?
I also read this wtf

Do I need to recompile tor to fix that? Is it the only way?

Upgraded your account. You can post links now.

Not a Whonix specific question. General Tor question.

Suggested to resolve as per:
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