need help with sdwdate

I have decided to try some whonix packages inside antix(runit), so far everything works fine except sdwdate, just cant make it work.

Tor and other prerequisites are installed but after installation when i click on sdwdate status it says “Waiting for first sdwdate status…” and thats it.

When i try to open sdwdate log i get following messages…
Error connecting to dbus: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-1vJI8h9pFj: Connection refused"
Failed to create directory ‘/run/sdwdate-gui/.config/’: Permission denied
Failed to create directory ‘/run/sdwdate-gui/.config/’: Permission denied
Unable to save options file /run/sdwdate-gui/.config/
Failed to create directory ‘/run/sdwdate-gui/.config/’: Permission denied

Never had a problem like this one before, any help is welcome…whats the problem and where to start?

sdwdate isn’t tested/developed on anything except Debian, Kicksecure, Whonix. → Undocumented, Untested or Unsupported Features

Could be quite difficult to fix as a non-developer. Could be an AppArmor issue. →

sdwdate-gui issue, not sdwdate issue.

You’d need the equivalent of this Daemon Log View and or System Logs.

You’d need to search file names and file contents of sdwdate (and perhaps also sdwdate-gui if you want to use it) for systemd and port it to non-systemd.