Need help running openbazaar server


I hope you guys can help me getting the openbazaar server to run on whonix workstation.

I have installed it and configured it to use the Tor control port of whonix gateway. Unfortunately the control port filter stops it from using the gateway’s control port.

It uses password authentication and I have already set the control port password in whonix gateway user config and pointed the server to use as the control port.

Is there a way I can whitelist the openbazaar server in the gateway’s control port filter or create a onion grater profile for openbazaar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think integrating openbazaar in whonix could be of interest for other people as well.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You need to create your own onion-grater config.

onion-grater/usr/share/doc/onion-grater-merger/examples at master · Whonix/onion-grater · GitHub


Thanks! I’ll look into it.

I just looked into it. Unfortunately I am not a software developer and can’t write any code and writing an onion grater profile looks way to complicated to me. Would anyone be willing to write such a profile? I could provide some information on openbazaar and assist but I won’t be able to do this alone.