Need a riseup.net invite

i’d like to try the legacy riseup.net vpn for a vpn-gateway-VM.
But i need a riseup.net account for that and in order to get one of these i’d need an invite from someone already having a riseup account.
Is here anyone who has a riseup account and would be so kind to send me an invite? I would really appreciate it.

I tried already the new black.riseup.net vpn but that didnt work.

What tried already:

  1. I created a VM with a Linux installation and the black.riseup (bitmask) VPN connection
  2. I made this Linux-VPN-VM the internet gateway for the Whonix-Gateway VM
    … but that didnt work. the whonix-gateway wasnt able to connect to the internet/or tor through the debian-VM with the black.riseup vpn running.

so now i would like to try the legacy riseup vpn for that. thats why i need a riseup invite…

I cant use the new (black) riseup vpn on the host machine…because it is not yet supported (only linux is) and i can not install linux on the host.


  • In case someone with a riseup account and willing to send an invite reads this :wink: -> needriseupinvite@keemail.me

  • And if someone knows how to make it work that the new riseup vpn (black vpn) works with the whonix-gateway or as a vpn-vm-gateway for whonix - Id appreciate help with that as well…

mailed you buddy :slight_smile:

I have a risetup account, so can probably invite people if any others want.

You don’t need the email to use their VPN though, I’ve registered for it without using my email, but it doesn’t work on Osx yet.


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