My tor browser window resolution is 1000x800 now

Feels more narrower than before (used whonix 9) so just checking is that the resolution everyone gets for the browser window?

i checked it at

What is your tor browser resolution?

That is good to know but the resolution is really 1000x800 and feels odd.
So I’m just checking if it’s the same for everyone else.

Different for me. It’s different depending on screen resolution. And now, that you know that… What?

The Tor Project is working on this every now and then. This is most likely unrelated to Whonix. (Also as per Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System)

You you want to scrutinize this, by all means, please do it. Really. They need helping hands. They have too few educated testers. Read all the discussions on on the screen resolution stuff. Follow any change they make. Test it using different systems and different screen resolutions and what not. See if that happens in accordance with what they had in mind.

Well I just wanted to make sure I don’t stand out by using some obscure resolution that I have by mistake.

Since you have different in the same setup, i imagine that is the case and will have to dig further.

thank you

Yes, I am sure this really needs more scrutiny.