multiple problems with using monero gui on whonix

using this wallet is a nightmare on whonix.

  1. on remote node it takes forever to sync daemon and wallet.

  2. It takes forever to exit and close, forcing me to shut down the workstation

  3. then, when I am able to open it again, first it shows an incorrect xmr balance, then next time it shows 0 when i know i have sent funds to it. so…that’s where i am now, stuck with it with 0 showing as balance

It is running Version: and i am trying to find how to update it to to latest version - how do I do that on the whonix workstation for the wallet on the whonix workstation? I presume if i update it to the latest version it might sync properly and my funds will show up. But if that doesn’t work what should I do? suggestions please

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