Monero (XMR) GUI (Graphical User Interface) and CLI Debian Package - Testers Wanted!

Installation of Monero inside Whonix just got a lot easier.

Instructions can be found here:

Testers wanted!

(For instructions on how to install the package on Debian, see here.)


The result of my test:
Normal start from the menu - 100% CPU usage
Start via terminal QMLSCENE_DEVICE = softwarecontext monero-wallet-gui - no problems (2% - 10%)

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Sorry I do not understand, I have always read from Patrick’s instructions, to ensure maximum security of the platform, you must never modify it and install tools, because the Monero GUI is not inserted in the whonix repositories and do you suggest installing it manually?

Read Patrick’s instructions: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Monero
Monero GUI has been included in the Whonix repository.
There is currently only one problem: You need to start it from the console with the command:

QMLSCENE_DEVICE=softwarecontext monero-wallet-gui

EDIT by Patrick:
fixed command

Do I understand correctly that from version this workaround is no longer necessary and can be started normally?
The test showed normal CPU usage :slight_smile:

Quote Whonix VirtualBox - Point Release!

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