monero wallet cli start up script

I am installing monero wallet cli. I followed the directions in the wiki and all went well, just like installing on any linux os.

i am attempting to create a script, similar to one found in other guides floating around the internet. i am curious whether or not i need to include “torsocks” in the command or not?

filename: “”

inside file:
" torsocks ./monero-wallet-cli --daemon-host xxxxxxxxxxxx.onion:12345"

since the workstation already sends commands to the gateway is it necessary or recommended to put torsocks in this command? from what i understand torsocks just tells the command to use tor, yes?

Have a look here

thank you that is exactly what i was looking for. for whatever reason i dont see anywhere where i can search this forum. im sure there is plenty of knowledge all over this forum i would love to be able to search

If you’re using Tor browser’s highest security level, you won’t see it, but it’s still there, somewhere around the top right corner. Just move the mouse pointer left to the icon representing your username (“X” in your case) and watch the tooltips that appear.

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