Monero GUI and stream isolation

Not too sure where to post this or how this could be done but I was wondering if it was possible to use stream isolation with Monero GUI? Stream Isolation

I tried using some ports that were already prepared (ports 9153 through 9159) which is without IsolateDestAddr and IsolateDestPort but that didn’t work by this I mean it just hangs on Syncing and nothing ever happens. I didn’t test the others that were listed.

Please turn this into a non-Whonix specific question as per Free Support for Whonix ™.

That is something along the lines "how to configure Monero GUI to use a socks4a or better socks5 proxy? Or “how to configure Monero GUI to configure Tor?”

Once you figured that out, please post the answer/reference here for review for Whonix integration purposes. (Sometimes it leads to Tor over Tor but I haven’t looked into Monero GUI.)