Mixmaster no longer working in Whonix 14

I used to send emails with mixmaster in Whonix 13 but it is no longer working in Whonix 14. Since a few weeks noreply.org is down and therefore it is no longer possible to download the list of mixmaster nodes as well as their public keys. Is there another source for these lists and if so how can I change the noreply.org address to the new source in Whonix 14? My goal is to get the “sudo mixmaster-update --verbose” command working again.

I’ve also noticed that in /usr/share/tor/tor-service-defaults-torrc on the gateway the mapping for the SMTP relays has been commented out:

# IP addresses and are inappropriate
# Different values required.
# https://phabricator.whonix.org/T878

#mapaddress k54ids7luh523dbi.onion
#mapaddress gbhpq7eihle4btsn.onion

Are there suggestions on how to change the mapping? Is it safe to remove the # and activate the mapping again? Thanks!


Thanks for letting us know. There are a number of alternatvies we can add and use instead:


If @Patrick tells you what Tor settings to change to test this proposed change, it would make including it in a new version faster.


My advice is to use a private address range reserved for this purpose by IANA. These will never be used in the future by anyone. Sine we use 10.x.x.x and moved away from 192.x.x.x, this leaves 172.x.x.x –

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Patches welcome!

Anyone willing to work on this?

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Thanks for the reply. I finally managed to update the lists via the following commands:

#This shows a list of all available sources (banana, austria, etc…)
sudo mixmaster-update --verbose --list-sources

#Update via selected source:
sudo mixmaster-update --verbose --source

#For example source austria worked:
sudo mixmaster-update --verbose --source austria

It may be helpful to others if this information could be included in the Whonix Wiki mixmaster page (Mixmaster: Tor Remailer)

Fixes for Mixmaster. Please tell me the best place to put these changes.


change ->
change ->

Tor restarted




SOURCE noreply -> SOURCE austria

sudo mixmaster-update --verbose should now succeed

Not really required:

Fill empty file /home/user/.Mix/allpingers.txt with from /etc/mixmaster/allpingers.txt

Now Update Stat screen is populated by functioning pingers that a user can select.

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Thanks @corona the wiki has been updated.

@Patrick looking over the page, I think there are missing commands and mix ups with everything after the part below?:

Mails can be send by command line.


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I’ve asked on Tor-Talk is there are v3 SMTP servers available to future proof our implementation. Will link here when moderators allow message thru.

We can keep an eye on this list for any new topics about onion hosting:

A thread created this year with updates planned lists onion SMTPs:


Here are the free Onion SMTP Servers that I am aware of that are
working as of January 8, 2018


I will try to update this on a weekly basis going forward and if
there are others that are working please update this Thread.

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Update: Although no v3 Onion is known, the chat on Tor mailing list indicates:


is up


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mixmaster said to be dead upstream and permanently removed from Debian