Missing Libre Illustrative Images


all the above images done.

  • exception:-

cant add another image since its still connected to the original content (not fully separated)


New wiki “Printing and Scanning” will need an image.



New wiki entry “Onionshare” needs an image (new text publication pending approval).




I’ve methodically gone through all the links on the main wiki Table of Contents page, and images are missing for the following:



all the above links has been fixed by uploading the suitable image for it.

if u find any duplicate , or mistake , or something need to be changed please type it here.

thank you

(Thank You @torjunkie for the list)


Thank you TNT_BOM_BOM for your hard work. :+1:


Could you review and accept these changes please? @torjunkie

(No need to check strong for duplicates. More important: appropriate images and license compatible.)



Had a look through all the pics. They look good to me. All the pages were already approved anyhow.


Image needed:




(Not yet populated or published)


(will be published soon)



can somebody check why this link doesnt show the uploaded image? (maybe no body approved it?)



It’s approved. Otherwise that page would show a message on top. No idea.









Additional pics needed since I split the Security Guide into the following additional wiki pages:

Thanks! :slight_smile:




Since I split the Advanced Security Guide, we also need images for the following new pages:

Thanks! :slight_smile: