Message for Patrick.

Patrick you are the developer of the most anonymous and secure operating system in the world. Have you received offers for cooperation from the special services?
You must be very attentive! Do not leave your computer unattended, monitor the keys, do not trust anyone. Sometimes the methods used by the special services are very vile.
They can secretly enter your home without a order. Make pressure on you through violence or blackmail. They can use for their own purposes people close to you.
Every such case you must inform our community. I sincerely wish you good luck. Thank you for the wonderful work you do for all of us.

It may sound nice advise , but not effective on the same time.

because whether patrick or any other developer got hacked or intentionally malicious the code, do we trust ppl or do we trust the code which have been created?

if you want whonix to work better and produce better or new services then either donate , or hack on the code or be a developer , or higher someone doing it for you, or be a tester …etc there are many ways to help whonix and patrick than just being careful from hackers or law enforcement.

Message for NiceXD.

Thank you Captain Obvious! Thats’ a big help. I’m sure the Whonix lead developer greatly appreciates your willingness to educate him on the finer aspects of common sense security. And quite frankly, I’m very amused that you think its appropriate to waste someones time (namely Paticks) in an effort to satisfy your need for attention. I have news for you Captain. Its Not Going To Happen!

BTW I would like to thank you for also wasting my time. I appreciate it.

Discussed before. Documented. I don’t think something productive can come out of these discussions. Closing.


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