Making Whonix amnesiac like

I know this question has been asked before, but I couldn’t find my specific method. I’ve seen ramdisk + encryption mentioned and the answer has pretty much been that it is more complicated than that.

What I’m wondering now is how Amnesiac (tails like) Whonix would be if we used something like OFRIS/DeepFreez. Would tails still have any advantages and what would they be? My use case might still benefit from ramdisk or a OFRIS solution, I’m pretty much after making sure that no one can see what I’ve done if they get past my FDE.

I’ve read Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ and I’m still not clear.

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Thank you for this interesting suggestion. OFRIS/DeepFreez is a clever idea, which no one else suggested yet. There is still no substitute for Whonix’s lack of an Amnesic feature. Same still applies here. Not writing data to the hdd beats writing data to add and attempting to purge them after the fact. Links to the articles linked in the FAQ (Data Remains on USB and SSDs After Secure Erase and wear levelling) still apply here as well. I am afraid to say, there is likely no shortcut in development. QubesOS DispVM might partially(?) solve it. The real solution can probably only be developing a Live DVD of Whonix. Help is welcome.