Mainland China users suddenly can't connect via obfs4's bridge type

Hello, I am a user in mainland China. In order to avoid leaving a text fingerprint message about me, and to facilitate your better understanding of my question, I have used English to describe the problem, but I hope the translation is accurate.
As you know, mainland China cannot connect to Tor directly, so I set up a separate virtual gateway as a pre-proxy for Tor. It has the same NIC mode as the Whonix-gateway, NIC 1 is NAT to access the external network, NIC 2 is Internal Network mode (Whonix) to provide a pre-proxy for Tor to connect to the Tor network smoothly. Such a setup can work fine a few days ago, but I don’t know if this is secure enough? Would also like to get your pointers.
I was able to connect to Tor via obfs4(recommended) normally by configuring the SOCKS5 protocol in the User configuration of tor-control-panel, as well as the IP address and port of the virtual gateway, but just a day ago I suddenly could not connect to Tor via obfs4(recommended). recommended), I checked the Logs tab, and the Tor log returned a lot of yellow background messages that read: "[warn] Proxy Client: unable to connect OR connection (handshaking (proxy)) with ID=RSA_ID=88CDxxxxxxxxx(“gennral SOCKS server failure”). Such a message has many lines after clicking refresh.
But when I configure the bridge type as meek-azure (works in China), the tor-control-panel stops moving when the Loading network status shows 30%.
I don’t know what’s wrong and I can’t google to find the answer that will help me. Because I want to avoid breaking security and anonymity, I hardly made any changes to the Whonix-Gateway, I just set the proxy. Also I verified the proxy and my virtual gateway machine proxy works fine.
In addition to the above response and needing help, I have a question: Is the “meek-azure” bridge connection trustworthy in China? Because according to my knowledge, meek-azure is part of Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud platform, and these multinational conglomerates are able to do business in China smoothly because they have some kind of agreement with the government, which includes user data and so on. If they put some kind of traffic detection system required by the government in these cloud platforms, will I expose myself by using such a bridge connection, there are many people in China who have such a concern, I hope to receive an official reply on behalf of the government, thanks again, and I wish you all the best.

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