Mac address randomization


I was thinking of adding instead of “It is not required for home PCs that do not change locations.” Screenshot - 90252aa5cabf94dac7a41b33aa5ea2d5 - Gyazo

I was thinking of saying “It is not required for home PCs that do not change locations unless you suspect somebody on your local network is trying to log your mac address.”

If someone is on your home network they would already know who you are. Also if someone is conducting suspicious/malicious activity on your home network you have bigger problems than someone obtaining your MAC address. Therefore I don’t really see much benefit in MAC address randomization of your home pc.

Its great to see someone taking interest in making the whonix wiki better!!:wink:

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Alrighty,thanks for the reply it just got me thinking since I read this Computer Security Education - Whonix

and learned from it that “However, other computers on the local network can potentially log it”

I also read that “If users intend to use an untrusted, public network then MAC spoofing should be considered.” Guess they were refering to remote networks,or anything besides local network.

And yea i’ve been reading the wiki a lot lately.