Long Wiki Edits Thread

new wiki page:

We can probably borrow some bits and pieces from this PDF for the wiki - anything here/easy wins that might have been overlooked? @HulaHoop @madaidan

  • Added cellebrite claims with the debunked references to signal wiki
  • Added one more reference to OpenPGP security concerns
  • Added rules on when to accept new onion source for sdwdate
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I don’t think so. From a quick skim of the site, it doesn’t seem very good.

Unrelated, but I’ve recently published a Linux hardening guide which you may want to link in the wiki: https://madaidans-insecurities.github.io/guides/linux-hardening.html

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There’s some interesting material that is worth integrating or covering. We should mention the benefits of updating UEFI if possible on the system. Not trusting preloaded OSs no matter what, even if they are a pre installed Linux. The fact that grub now supports encrypted boot partitions AFAIK (not in there but inspired by chapter heading).

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