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Long Wiki Edits Thread

What’s the link for the changes approval dialog? The one in the post before the last didn’t show me anything to approve.

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Under the “Actions” tab on any given page, you will see one of the dropdown options is “Pending changes”. The case is that a number of pages have been approved, but still show “Pending changes” i.e. old versions of text. So that is either a wikimedia fault, or some extended delay between approval and updated versions becoming available due to server issues.

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Server cache cleared. Hope that helps.

As for link removal. https://www.whonix.org/w/index.php?title=Security_Reviews_and_Feedback&oldid=59394&diff=59395

I didn’t check yet. But if available on web.archive.org could you please keep that? Minor issue will be that wiki will add an [archive] link even if it’s already a link to the web archive. Perhaps [link link-text (down, use archived version)]?

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https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Special:SpecialPages has a link to https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Special:PendingChanges

That worked - thanks. That might need to be periodically done (?) in future.

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Yes. Improvements for caching are planned.

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Whonix Media Mentions -> fixed (except for below)


Could we use your language skills to maybe update the Arabic Whonix references on that page? A lot look out of date i.e. around 2016 or earlier, closed forums etc.





This page is a bit of a mess - too long for starters. I recommend splitting it up into three wiki pages:

  1. The main link above will keep all the Introduction stuff, hardware and host/system preparation.
  2. A separate wiki page for all gateway setup material and different options (plus its many images), maybe called “Physical Isolation: Whonix-Gateway”.
  3. A separate wiki page for workstation setup material and different options and all the random stuff towards the bottom re: after install steps etc., maybe called “Physical Isolation: Whonix-Workstation”.

Obviously the main Intro page will outline that after host setup/preparation, the Gateway stuff must be done 1st, followed by all the Workstation stuff 2nd.

Benefits - more concise, manageable and focused for the reader in this format. Right now it is overwhelming & too hard to follow, even if they are experts.

If you agree, I’ll split the content across three pages as is (no changes at first), and then bring each one up to wiki standard.

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As per Security and Support Status better not not spend any time on it.

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Background: In https://qubes-os.discourse.group/t/how-to-securely-customize-tor-browser-in-whonix-with-add-ons-and-about-config-entries/506 it wasn’t clear if Whonix intentionally makes customization hard. The answer is clearly: no, it doesn’t intent to. Therefore, new chapter:


Done (cleaned and archived)


Nothing links to this page:

And I don’t know if it’s still functional. Would be also good if

was linking to https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Verify_Tor_Browser_in_Windows?

Situation: user never heard of Tor, Whonix, Open Source or anything before. Therefore never used TBB. But lands straight on the Whonix website and then in Whonix chat asking why Whonix won’t connect. I suspect ISP, router or something blocking Tor. It’s similar to a customer going to an electronics shop having an issue with a washing machine having bought there, expecting support but being told “we just assemble the washing machine but your issue is with the engine, please contact the engine producer directly”. That would be weird in the real world but this is what we really have here in the virtual world. No unified user experience can be expected as we point out here: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Linux_User_Experience_versus_Commercial_Operating_Systems

Therefore I would like to have a wiki page briefly explaining the organizational facts and why it won’t work to blame all responsibility on Whonix for fixing network obstacles as it doesn’t produce Tor, isn’t primarily a censorship circumvention project and neither introduced the network obstacle. Started a page here and would be happy as always to see wording suggestions for all of this.

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new chapter:

https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Account_and_Mobile_Security needs to be added to table of contents.

Documentation regarding live mode is being revamped.