Long Wiki Edits Thread


What is the complete Firejail launch command you are using in terminal? Can you post the whole line here please (i.e. including Tor Browser profile etc inclusion in that command)?


We do now. :slight_smile:

I’m sure there are other pages that these links could be added to.


I nitpicked that software page and inserted a link you meant to put in there?

b) Is far better.

The one thing about bullet points is if I write something like -


  • point 1
  • point 2
  • point 3

Write conclusion here…

Then I expect the whitespace between blahblahblah and point 1 & the whitespace between point 3 & “Write conclusion here” to be equidistant & they’re not (easy fix?)

The other annoying problem is following an info or warning box, we still need two carriage returns (Enter key x2), so it is not squished against the following text. So whatever the normal spacing is needs to be fixed there (the text before an info/warning box is fine - has enough space)


mediawiki fixes #2


Thank you!


Manually Installing Tor Browser -> Fixed

Should be easier now for Whonix & non-Whonix users to manually download Tor Browser (in theory).

PS Not stepping on your toes 0brand (since you are maintainer there), but it linked from that new page I did and I just have to edit shit that is annoying me.

And that is basically 65% of the rest of the main doc pages. Figure we’ll be done in 2020 sometime at current rate and I can retire after another 15 state-sponsored hacks – only problem is I’ll be on the no-fly list by then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Holy shit the wiki is suddenly looking very sexy! Good job Hutchy and Patrick and anybody else involved!

One other nit, is do you notice with blockquotes that if we embed a link in there (see the quote in this section for example), you have extra white space next to the embedded link?


Weird right?

Can the maestro also fix that? :slight_smile:


Looks good changes admitted. I went ahead and removed the recommendation for using pwgen for passwords since its not a secure choice for true entropy.

Changes rejected. Overly redundant and gives the impression that the project is anti-LE which we are not. However in the name of facts you can point to edwardsnowden.com which is a database of all released docs and will get the point across.

Aside: The page needs to be a lot more concise and give more relevant arguments for importance of anonymity to individuals rather abstractions or laundry list of abuses.



It’s a volunteer led news aggregator site that covers everything from everyday topics to UFO/Alien stuff. It’s about mirroring news rather than creating original content. There is no single agenda or political direction for the site.

So while its not real fake news, its not really a reliable info source.


https://phabricator.whonix.org/T868 updated.

Do we still need the https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Portal page? Anyone using it? Was considering to purge it without replacement. Reasons:


I like the new wording of https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Manually_Downloading_Tor_Browser and accepted the changes just now.

However, the text which was fixed didn’t really belong there in the first place. The fixed text, i.e. these chapters…


Don’t seem to fit the page title. Could you move somewhere else please, I guess https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tor_Browser would be more suitable?

While we are at it, should https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Manually_Downloading_Tor_Browser be on its own page or merged into https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tor_Browser?


What is the complete Firejail launch command you are using in terminal?

i dont use lines , i edit profiles inside /etc/firejail then i launch the TBB or any other program with firetools (gui firejail).

at the moment changes havent been well working with TBB yet, wait for the upstream upgrade at least to backport.



Thanks for reviewing both.

I guess it’s just me :wink: I still like one of the paragraphs in the conclusion, which I think can still be used fairly.

The point i am trying to make there is that they are not acting as default LE, they have morphed into orwellian overseers who are in your crack every time you take a dump. That is very different from traditional policing, particularly when done in secret and targeted at non-criminals.

Yes, we can link to that instead.

Portal -> I vote to kill it.

It has always been ugly, and I think probably under-used as you say. Since it is duplicating info found elsewhere, I won’t miss it.

Will fix that. We should probably merge it also - I’ll check how it looks etc.


When I originally created that page https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Anonymity a few years ago it was a different climate and it was more like a mindset of “Tails has this subject, should add to Whonix wiki for completion purposes”. Same for some sites from jondonym on my mission impossible to perfectionism making the best of all. (You can perfect into direction of completeness, but you cannot at the same time perfect conciseness/usability.)

Nowadays I would think twice about creating that page. Nowadays times are much more Orwellian so I have to self-censor, censor whonix.org contents (limitations on free speech in Whonix forums) to not get into too many “things” (even that word is self-censorship) than possible to handle.


What I meant to write originally was “to not open too many fronts”, but “front” could by a non-generous interpretation (an overly critical interpretation, not trying to understand but trying to construct a point) be understood as “military language, call for violence”. And then use that as a piece to make a case to shut down the project. For completeness sake the obvious meaning of a simple idiomatic way of language: it’s not possible time wise to run Whonix as well as a free speech platform since one is a mostly a technical challenge, the other one is for a big part a legal challenge which alternatives like gab.ai trying to fight (meaning I hope gab.ai and others are real about it). Orwellian mental clusterfuck, mission accomplished,


No problem. Anyone can edit any page they want. (for the most part) Plus I’m sure it looks better than what I could do and it frees up time to answer support questions… etc



too much white space after before bullet points

The following looks ok in phabricator.

text text text

  • point 1
  • point 2
  • point 3

Write conclusion here…

It does not look good in Whonix wiki.

  • between text text text and point 1 there is more space than
  • between point 3 and Write conclusion here…

Example: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/FAQ#Does_Whonix_Modify_Tor.3F

Actually that is fixed by now?


Reference required.

I added the note on Gnome Disks. Manual testing is your reference.

I just noticed that the two pages have a copy of the exact same info (before my changes to the first link) Can you please templatize the encryption section so changes wouldn’t need to be made twice?

The good copy we want to templatize:

The outdated copy:



Reference required.

I added the note on Gnome Disks. Manual testing is your reference.

I just noticed that the two pages have a copy of the exact same info (before my changes to the first link) Can you please templatize the encryption section so changes wouldn’t need to be made twice?

Could you make a bug report for gnome disks please if it doesn’t exist

The good copy we want to templatize:

The outdated copy:

Advanced_Security_Guide, Security Guide, Computer Security Education
contents will be removed. Chapters will remain with links to new
content. Note on page header about page deprecation. Content was already
split and moved to other pages by torjunkie.


Could you add to /Documentation please plus whenever any other links would be useful to that page?

https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Full_Disk_Encryption_and_Encrypted_Images worth splitting?

The page title Full Disk Encryption gets kinda destroyed with the appendix and Encrypted Images. Plus the former has hands-on practical advice while Encrypted Guest Images is a research result, not actionable by most users, useful to keep since sometimes requested as feature and then nice to have as a competent answer.