Long Wiki Edits Thread



Will complete this next, then finish “Linux distro…? VS. Windows development…?”


Sandboxed Tor Browser removed from Tor_Browser/Advanced_Users


Added to Deprecated



I also removed 2 (soon to be broken) links to “Sandboxed Tor Browser” in these chapters using my admin account since it was a simple edit and not likely I would mess up. Is thats OK?



And removed 1 mention of sandboxed “text” with admin acct in this chapter


One more thing…

Thought we could revisit this. :crazy_face:

Not sure exactly where to put my name (if approved) Plus I’m not sure what I do is considered auditing. Fumbling maybe :grin:



Changes have been made to my last post

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sudo sed -i ‘s/yum.qubes-os.org/yum.sik5nlgfc5qylnnsr57qrbm64zbdx6t4lreyhpon3ychmxmiem7tioad.onion/’ /etc/yum.repos.d/qubes-dom0.repo && cat /etc/yum.repos.d/qubes-dom0.repo

Such commands are impractical since it’s impossible to copy and paste to dom0. At least there is no easy / well known / practical way to do it. Therefore, do you think you could work on the following ticket to add the onion repository to the Qubes repo files by default so users would just have to change the config file with an editor so they don’t have to type such long commands?

Dunno who did this edit Credits: Difference between revisions - Whonix - was it ok?

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Absolutely! Looks like fun!!

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Messy Authorship page -> Fixed.

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Credits and other Sources has been just now split by me into Contributors and Authorship so it becomes more like Team | Qubes OS. I agree with @iry that the team really deserves its own wiki page.

Any suggestions into what Credits and other Sources could be renamed now?

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Whonix Team or Whonix Maintainers perhaps.

I hope you captured those edits I did to finish off that page just now.

EDIT: If you want to imitate Qubes, users who are not anonymous can upload a picture & attach their public PGP key ID.


Looks like. Otherwise we’d just rollback / skip my changes since I really just moved the contents.

Hm. We’re using team and maintainer synonym.

PGP key ID could be on a per-user profile page such as Patrick Schleizer - Whonix. The PGP key IDs on a team page I actually consider too much. Better to just put the team into the foreground. If someone wants to contact someone, it’s fair to assume they would try to click them for future information?


Great, you got them.

Right. That’s a good split now.

Yes, fair enough.

Based on work to date, everything is now edited in the first few sections of the main ToC, except for “Screenshots” entry, so that might as well be finished off before security guide nits/splits.

@nurmagoz might be able to help with non-Qubes-Whonix screenshots that are missing or need updating there.


Moved here:

Got two nice pages now:

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Anyone having any opinion about listing Forum Activity under role on the Contributors and Authorship page?

Thats’ a tuff call. Certainly enthusiasm and quality of any activity should be one of the main deciding factors. There are users such at goldstein-otg (formally Goldstein) that have been active with I2P integration as well as other sub-forums that would be deserving IMO.

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Need to specific question. That was a question for current maintainers
listed there only which includes you. To ask you specifically… Would
you like the link to your forum activity listed under role?

sure , just put the links on a separate topic for which subject of the wiki u want new screenshots and i will add them eventually.

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Ohh. :slight_smile:… I thought you were creating a new role so active users that didn’t quite fit in any other maintainers spot could have a place in the list.

To answer your question .Yes please.




Great! Your forum activity is now linked from the Name column.

However, if you like… If you think this is useful…

From the Name column we could link to Whonix Forum instead. (Or other link of your choice.) Used as personal homepage or profile page link.

Also… If you like… If you think this is useful…

The link to your forum activity Whonix Forum could be moved back to the Role column. I was wondering if anyone would prefer to keep it was it was before.

Sorry for the confusion. That all makes sense. I’ll wait a little while to see who wold like to make those changes

Forum ActivityRole

Name columnWhonix Forum … personal homepage… etc…

Then I can make all of the requested changes at the same time.

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No replies from qubes team “comments to use Qubes onion repository”


  1. I should move forward with pull request?

  2. Testing best practices?

    a) add changes to my own system and make sure comments work correctly

    b) build qubes iso with changes to make sure everything works OK