Long Wiki Edits Thread

Do you think it would fit here?

Yes, fits nicely. Some of the content in new page will have to be taken out but most will fit into current “/Dev/Technical Introduction” sub headings IMO

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Wiki edit - Added content (text only) hit publish —> Formatted, add links etc. hit publish.
If this is not correct please let me know.



Some of the page text was non-editable. Did not show up in the edit field. I Take it would have to be edited in ( https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Template:RAM_Adjusted_Desktop_Starter)



Excellent! Added some nitpick changes on top.

We now have enough content for a shiny new documentation page. Do you think it would be good to move the content to the separate page? https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Printing_and_Scanning

A minor comment on https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Software#Install_printer_driver_in_a_TemplateBasedVM
Why re-create that VM every time? If it gets infected by malware, it would probably get infected every time by the same malware?

  • if driver installation is the source: yes
  • if the printed file is the source: no

That chapter https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Software#Install_printer_driver_in_a_TemplateBasedVM is very good to have. Could you please copy it to make a generalized chapter “software installation TemplateBasedVM AppVM”. The idea is:

  • keep it mostly as is
  • have a custom script that that VM that does something like add repository, add signing key, apt-get update and apt-get install
  • do this every time that AppVM is started

Wastes some network traffic (but ok for many) but better than StandaloneVM. Combines TemplateBasedVMs’s advantages (little disk space and centralized updates) with “quasi full persistence”. For many applications such as signal or wire this works great. Their application data stays in the home folder and the application gets easily installed by script every time.

Any dependencies available from packages.debian.org would be installed normally in TemplateBasedVM to speed up above a bit so only the package/software missing from packages.debian.org gets installed over and over again in TemplateBasedVM.

Does that make sense?



Mostly inexperience. :smile: Trying to error on the side of caution. My thinking was.

  • user makes mistake(s) and does not realize it (e.g. uses Tor Browser in printer VM for sensitive activity). Safer to remove VM after every session.

Great idea! Makes perfect sense. If I’m unsure about something when creating content I will seek your guidance.

Off Topic- Wiki related:


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Where does https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Next#onionshare fit in the wiki?

https://whonix.org/wiki/File_Sharing ----> /wiki/Anonymous_File_Sharing ?


Then we’d have to do https://whonix.org/wiki/Chat -> https://whonix.org/wiki/Anonymous_Chat and many more as well?

Looked superfluous for me, since Whonix already is for anonymity. But for SEO a good page URL (and page title) is good.

If we put onionshare to https://whonix.org/wiki/File_Sharing we need to move the existing content into a chapter, how do we call it?

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Done! May want to pay close attention to edit # 2. Content correct?


  • Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
  • P2P File Sharing
  • Community Based File Sharing

Haven’t come up with a good name. This all I have so far.

  • domU clock skew correlation through domX compromise
  • clock skew correlation through sister domain compromise



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Hi Patrick

Realized I put (lots) of non-technical content in /Dev/Technical_Intro . Sorry about that. Let you know when edits are complete.


Nice work 0brand on information leaks and the printing and scanning page.

BTW (re: that other thread on hostnames) - just to clarify explicitly for the wiki, the hostname that is visible is “user” for all Whonix users? Including Qubes?

Qubes logs show “Set hostname to host”. I also thought somewhere else in logs it sets it to “none” in Qubes.


Could you please remove the duplication for moved content?

Hostname is set to host as per


Dev/Techincal Introduction (round 2)


Please let me know if any more edits are needed.



Call for testers blog post needed. Help welcome!


Similar to: https://www.whonix.org/blog/qubes-whonix-13-0-0-1-2-testers-wanted


Software#Printing and Scanning

Security in Real World

Note: “Security in Real World” duplicate content removed but still includes- language edits to original page, minor formatting etc. I believe was already reviewed?

Please let me know if you prefer page reverted back to original unedited?

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It’s all greatly improved now! :slight_smile:

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https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Security_in_Real_World could use

  • a more catchy page name. Suggestions?

  • a more catchy og:description (|description=)

    |description=How Whonix defeats the Top "In The Wild" Attacks on Anonymity

Better. Room for improvement?

og:description is generally very important since used by search engines and social media as sub text. Page names and titles are also very important for SEO and headlines.

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Workflow priority? Should tasks be completed as they arise or should they be prioritized?


  1. Add content “Software Installation TemplateBasedVM AppVM”
  2. Document enhancement: Using FireFox in Whonix to Connect to .onions
  3. Call for testers blog post needed. Help welcome!
  4. Security in Real World “more catchy page name” etc
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