Long Wiki Edits Thread

Since for advanced users, sure, the user could check that out. Just a hint.

Added the Kicksecure icon logo to Template:Kicksecure wiki - Whonix just now. Perhaps would be better if there was a smaller and rounder Kicksecure icon logo? Can be seen in action here: Whonix ™ Documentation
Or does it make no sense to specifically mark links to Kicksecure wiki with the Kicksecure icon logo?
The Kicksecure icon logo could be before or after a link to Kicksecure wiki.

Does it make sense to keep standalone wiki page


It redirect to


Also Create Whonix-Gateway ™ ProxyVMs could be merged into Multiple Whonix-Gateway ™ since that is unfortunately quite a bit more difficult nowadays.

new wiki chapters:

  • https://www.whonix.org/wiki/The_World_Wide_Web_And_Your_Privacy#Fingerprint.com
  • https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Browser_Tests#Fingerprint.com

Actually moved to a dedicated wiki page:

A video (and multiple more videos upcoming) is currently being worked on. The draft for its contents can be found here:

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new Whonix versus VPNs comparison table on the Whonix homepage:

Split page, renamed, revised:

Big revision:


New wiki page:

2 video scripts produces as well as the video itself has been produced. Will go public soonish.

The textual draft for video number 3 is currently being drafted and feedback or edits are welcome.

Vid #003 : What is Whonix

Learn What Is Whonix?

Whonix gives your desktop
check Maximum privacy and anonymity on the Internet
check More reliably and securely than any other tool on the market!

First point, even though I agree that is the case for online activities, if that some day it fails, people will come banging on that claim.

Second point, typos, change reliably and securely to reliable and secure. And also, I understand it is something to catch people attention, it is just that maybe those phrases are not meant to all readers, because people can misinterpret: you said whonix was reliable, why is my tor connection slow?.

I couldn’t find a way to edit the main page… that is why I just mentioned the typos above.

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I’ve asked a native speaker advisor and got the OK for reliably and securely grammar wise. The capitalization however is a matter of taste.

That’s great! :slight_smile:

As for the other points, I politely disagree. The communication strategy and success of the strong privacy / anonymity community and for a some part of the Freedom Software community generally has been less than ideal. Looking at the number of total Tor users, numbers seem stagnant for a few years now. On the other hand, proprietary software is gaining ground.

new wiki page:

This wiki template has an issue:

And sometimes this wiki template is

  • A) used to open existing files, and
  • B) sometimes to create new files.

Current woriding:

Open file {{{filename}}} in an editor with root rights.

Maybe future wording:

Open or create file {{{filename}}} in an editor with root rights.

But that seems a bit confusing. Not sure how to improve that yet. Maybe there’s an English word which could mean both “open existing file” and/or “create file if it does not exist yet”. Suggestions?

new documentation on hidden text attacks:

Related to this post: Local browser homepage for Tor Browser in Whonix - #112 by Patrick

There is a new donation banner end of year campaign. How do you like the new donation banner end of year campaign? It can be seen on most wiki pages such as for example on:

  • JavaScript (JS) version: will be shown.
  • no-JS version: will simply not be shown. No other disadvantages. (Difficult to implement in MediaWiki with no-JS compatibility with reasonable effort.)

Pages purely designed to get the user started such as homepage whonix.org, Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System, Documentation, Download and a few more are using are using wiki template {{hide_all_banners}} (Template:Hide all banners - Whonix) and don’t show the (donation or any) banner(s).

navigate to ubuntu then check “Software Center (only if not using SecureBoot)” image

image is using this broken URL:


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  1. https://www.whonix.org/wiki/File:Ubuntu_software_icon.png did not exist.

  2. Went to https://www.kicksecure.com/wiki/File:Ubuntu_software_icon.png which is a wiki page (HTML).

  3. Clicked on the real image link https://www.kicksecure.com/w/images/6/68/Ubuntu_software_icon.png

  4. Downloaded using scurl-download to really download the png and not the webp. (Browsers are telling nginx they support webp so these are preferably delivered. But curl has no such feature.)

  5. Uploaded to https://www.whonix.org/wiki/File:Ubuntu_software_icon.png

  6. https://www.whonix.org/w/images/6/68/Ubuntu_software_icon.png done.