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Can anyone come up with a more benign looking download icon? The one used at the moment looks like those sketchy ones in ads on freebie download sites: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Kicksecure

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It’s also used on wiki/VirtualBox/… Ha, that one was actually contributed through my instructions since the previous one looked imo even worse. There were no other Libre re-useable download buttons that I could fine. Hence, a new creation was made.

It’s saying “free download” because many laymen visitors don’t know if it’s free in price and often haven’t heard about Freedom Software. Years long insistence of the confusing term “Free Software” didn’t help to increase popularity, reduce confusion and it’s even worse in translations / for ESL.

It’s inspired by other proprietary “free download” buttons but re-created libre from scratch.


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I see. What about pasting the “free!” graphic from https://pixabay.com/illustrations/button-round-offer-blue-icon-1711968/ onto one of the download buttons on https://pixabay.com/images/search/download%20button/ ?


You don’t have to bother if you are happy with what you have now, but this looks more aesthetic. All graphics on this site are libre/royalty free.

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At time of writing, pixabay license is a non-freedom license.


Don’t redistribute or sell someone else’s Pixabay images or videos on other stock or wallpaper platforms.

Not that I personally care to resell any image on any stock platform nor that I think this is important for Whonix. The issue is an ideological issue. It would make the website non-freedom.

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any reason not to just use a standard html based button that says “Download Kicksecure” or whatever? i have to agree that it looks like those sketchy download buttons on sites that drag you to some type of spyware. haha.

tempest via Whonix Forum:

any reason not to just use a standard html based button that says “Download Kicksecure” or whatever?

I haven’t seen any.

These are all subjects which came up several times in Whonix chat:

Issues Beyond Licensing

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Not bad. However some of these issues could actually be solved with licensing. But I wouldn’t know such a license would still be Free Software / Open Source certified by FSF / OSI.

The Cryptographic Autonomy License version 1.0 (CAL-1.0) seems an interesting license at first sight covering newer issues but I didn’t look into it yet much. Maybe there are others too which I am not aware of.


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Interesting point. Please add to the page also.
Perhaps best to rename to:

Miscellaneous Threats to User Freedom

as a catch-all that doesn’t exclude licensing as a potential fix.

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Alright, done.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Tor Connection Padding

Latest version of Ubuntu is 20.04 - so not sure this is still relevant?


If Ubuntu 14.04 has a screen resolution of 640x480 you may be able to get 1024x768 by simply by running xdiagnose and changing any setting under Debug. Marking them all or unmarking “Enable automatic crash reporting”, are reported to work. Reboot.

Also, is the rest of that page still okay for higher screen res in VirtualBox without VirtualBox guest additions? Or majorly outdated (and should be deprecated)?

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A post was split to a new topic: Security Risks of VirtualBox Shared Folders

OK - on the relevant wiki page I noted because it is unclear:

Bidirectional clipboard sharing is currently disabled by default in Whonix ™ VirtualBox VMs.

For Whonix-Gateway ™, one directional clipboard sharing from the host to Whonix-Gateway ™ is allowed.

If that is not right, please correct it.

BTW if bidirectional clipboard sharing is enabled by default (which would be a mistake IMO since it is easy for VirtualBox users to change that setting), we should add a pointer in the security guide to disable it (many won’t want convenience over security)

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It was user contributed a long time ago. I don’t test these things. I’d say can be left as is but perhaps a comment added about the untested / unmaintained nature of it. Not required to call it deprecated until we hear it’s broken or otherwise causing trouble. Good to keep because I haven’t seen this anywhere else on the internet.

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Good idea. Please add.

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Could you review https://www.whonix.org/w/index.php?title=Tor_Myths_and_Misconceptions&oldid=58589&diff=cur please? @HulaHoop

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