Long Wiki Edits Thread

SecBrowser PR take two.

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Electrum has been updated.



The SecBrowser PR was merged into the customization sub directory.


Updated Elecrum wiki with DDoS attack notice.



Good work 0brand - all nice contributions. Keep em coming… :slight_smile:


Moved SecBrowser Qubes stub to deprecated for later Qubes Community edits if needed. I’m going to move a few parts of that page to SecBrowser proper.


Up next pass-sec

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Migrated Privacy and Fingerprinting resistance from Qubes stub to SecBrowser. While some of the content is a duplicate from the Data Collection Techniques Wiki users are more likely read that section if they don’t have to browser to a different wiki page.


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A post was split to a new topic: Tor Browser Hardening (hardened malloc, firejail, apparmor) vs Web Fingerprint

NoScript leaks browser locale if objects are blocked and JavaScript is allowed. Might be a good idea to add to the Tor Browser Wiki.


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Created Templates for splitting SecBrowser. Will have the pages split tomorrow.

Template:SecBrowser Introduction

No modifications.


Template:SecBrowser Table Security Enhancements

Fixed “named” reference


Template:SecBrowser Privacy and Fingerprinting Resistance

Due to spacing the SecBrowser Trade mark “™” moved to the next line in the Table. Fixed by removing space.


Template:Install SecBrowser Introduction

No modifications.


Template:SecBrowser Settings

  • Removed mention of AppVM to make template usable for both Qubes and Debian host/VM pages.

  • Removed gedit for text editor in steps and replaced with nano.

  • Added “Note: The following examples make use of nano text editor. However, users should prefer an editor that is most familiar and easy to use.

  • Changed "security slider set to ‘Standard’ " to "security slider set to ‘Safest’ " as per: https://github.com/Whonix/tb-updater/pull/10

  • A few minor Nits.


Template:SecBrowser Download Alpha Versions

No modifications.


Template:SecBrowser FAQ

  • Removed mention of Qubes

  • Question “Can I use SecBrowser ™ in a Whonix-Workstation VM (anon-whonix)?”

I added Whonix-Gateway in answer to make it usable for both Qubes and Debian host/VM pages.


Template:SecBrowser Disclaimer

No modifications


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Looks perfect so far!

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Made some changes to the new SecBrowser Templates due to previous changes in configuration file location:

tb-updater /usr/share/tb-updater/tb_without_tor_settings.js

was moved to

tb-starter /usr/share/secbrowser/user.js

Changes to SecBrowser Settings :


Changes to SecBrowser FAQ:


Split SecBrowser page into Qubes and Debian pages. The page titles are fairly simple. Tried a few different page titles for example; SecBrowser in Qubes: A Security hardnened non-anonmous Browser in Qubes but I don’t it looked that great.



Awesome work on SecBrowser!

Also awesome revision of https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Hardware_Wallet_Security!

I’ll leave the older SecBrowser wiki page up for a little while until all PR are merged.

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Just realized I left out " ™ " in SecBrowser in Debian page title. Fixed .

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Usually I did not use TM in page names (links) since these look ugly when copied/pasted elsewhere.

Tittle can and should use it. Page name (link) (i.e. move page) not so much.

Can stay as is (rather minor thing) but I don’t think we should go ahead and change lots of links in Whonix wiki because of this.

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Thanks - your seal of approval is always a good indicator for wiki editors :slight_smile:


  1. Remailers entry -> Fixed
  2. Nym servers entry -> Fixed

Let’s also make the Signal entry in that section pretty (currently states “UNFINISHED” and “good enough”), and then only the Email entry needs updating for it all to be current.

I was looking around for where you got the Signal fingerprint from with no luck etc. Maybe you can give me a pointer.

Edit: can we claim ‘TM’ status on SecBrowser without actually doing some kind of legal paperwork or similar? I have no idea, but doubt you can just claim it.

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Put exactly the following string


into exactly the following search engine:


The quotes help to make google search for that and really only that.

Also if you’re unsure, you can for any gpg keys always contact upstream. Mostly I do this by creating a bug ticket. Would be easy for signal since they use github.

Support: Professional Support

I.e. this was created for a customer a while ago. Other than that, I am not interested much in signal in context of Whonix since it requires phone numbers for registration. Maybe this can be marked better and/or removed from Documentation index but I wouldn’t want to spend more time on it than necessary.

Same goes for:

(which is nonfreedom software)

[Imprint] [Privacy Policy] [Cookie Policy] [Terms of Use] [E-Sign Consent] [DMCA] [Contributors] [Investors] [Priority Support] [Professional Support]