Long Wiki Edits Thread

I thought about using {{box|text= but not creating a Box template. Would have been less time consuming .

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Added DHCP section to KVM docs and linked to it from Android x86 dynamic IP seciton

Updated sound section for KVM detailing how to enable microphones selectively.

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Deactivate sdwdate Connectivity Test for whonix-ws-15 calls for editing this file but there is no anon-shared-helper-scripts directory.

sudo nano /usr/lib/anon-shared-helper-scripts/te_pe_tb_check

This should be changed to:

sudo mkdir -p /usr/lib/anon-shared-helper-scripts/


sudo nano /usr/lib/anon-shared-helper-scripts/te_pe_tb_check


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The path changed. Should be fixed.

Replace text

" anon-shared-helper-scripts " will be replaced with " helper-scripts " in 9 pages.

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<code>something</code> &rarr; <code>more</code> ...

(as standardized elsewhere in wiki)

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This message could use a revision since it will be prominent.

new chapter: System Hardening Checklist

New wiki page:

I discovered a cool table generating utility for mediawiki, markdown, html etc. I never knew these things existed. This will save me (anyone?) quite a bit of time when creating tables. Can this link be added somewhere in the Wiki for reference?

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Also interesting: pandoc (available in Debian). Can convert markdown (Qubes website) to mediawiki (Whonix wiki) and vice versa and a lot more formats. Non-perfect but still very helpful.

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A post was split to a new topic: Lantern - Alternative Censorship Circumvention Tool - Warning

SecBrowser Qubes stub (temporary page) is ready for review. Some of the citations/references will not be added to Qubes docs due to formatting differences. Since Qubes uses Github/markdown. I ripped off a lot of content from the Data Collection Techniques Wiki. Thanks @torjunkie :wink:


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Please review/edit. (Plain text only.)

Welcome to Whonix!


default user account: user
default password: changeme

The root account might be already or should be locked. This is a security feature. See:
Safely Use Root Commands

Ignore “host login:” below. Do not enter your host username or host password if this is a virtual machine.

Login Instructions:

  1. Type the username. Default user name is “user” without quotes. Then press <enter>.

  2. Type the password. When entering the password, no password feedback (no asterisk (“*”) symbol) will be shown. Default password is “changeme” without quotes. Then press <enter>.

( whonix-base-files/issue.whonix at master · Whonix/whonix-base-files · GitHub )

Submitted the SecBrowser Qubes PR. I synced with Qubes master before making the PR and it (the sync commit) is showing up with the SecBrowser PR. Is that normal?

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Simply perfect!

Appreciate the contribution, but I think the current plan is to move external docs out of qubes-doc to Qubes Community Collaboration · GitHub (see QubesOS/qubes-issues#4693).

Looks like I made the PR to the wrong location. I wonder if it would be better to add a link to SecBrowser ™ has been deprecated! in the Qubes-Community docs?

That way maintaining the SecBrowser Qubes-Community doc would require no additional time since it would be done on the Whonix SecBrowser wiki.

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If that is ok I’'ll create a PR.

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Looks good!

Created a page to reference these utilities.


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SecBrowser PR take two.

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