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LKRG, SMAP and SMEP validation

I recently installed LKRG on my debian host ( not whonix ), and I checked the journalctl ouput ( sudo journalctl -b | grep lkrg ) and I got the following output:

parrot lkrg-loader[8266]: INFO: Running 'modprobe p_lkrg msr_validate=0 pcfi_validate=1 ’ …
parrot kernel: [p_lkrg] Loading LKRG…
parrot kernel: [p_lkrg] System does NOT support SMEP. LKRG can’t enforce SMEP validation :frowning:
parrot kernel: [p_lkrg] System does NOT support SMAP. LKRG can’t enforce SMAP validation :frowning:
parrot kernel: [p_lkrg] [kretprobe] register_kretprobe() for <ovl_create_or_link> failed! [err=-2]
parrot kernel: [p_lkrg] Can’t hook ‘ovl_create_or_link’ function. This is expected if you are not using OverlayFS.
parrot kernel: [p_lkrg] LKRG initialized successfully!
parrot lkrg-loader[8266]: INFO: Done running modprobe, ok.

Should I be worried about the SMEP and SMAP statements?

And how can I check if LKRG is running and working properly?

https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle applies.

Please contact LKRG upstream support and post the relevant logs so they can troubleshoot this. We are involved with packaging and showcasing of LKRG in an easy to procure way, not so much the development and bug fixing.