Light / barebones GUI Whonix

I use many workstations. More than one for chat (different apps), another for crypto, for Tor before VPN, and more. It will really be great to have a bare bones Whonix workstation. No monero, nothing big. Minimal time spent on updates and lighter on the RAM too. But not CLI. It needs to be GUI.

I am interpreting this as a feature request. Thank you for your suggestion.

Not planned as already many flavors, platforms, host operating systems of Whonix are maintained / supported. This can’t be expanded much further. Especially not without contributors sharing the workload for such tasks. See also Community Feedback.

Whonix is fully Open Source, modular, Debian package based. Therefore very doable to accomplish.

Your only chance:

  • have a basic understanding of this:
  • Then either start with Whonix XFCE and remove unwanted packages / meta packages.

  • Or start with Whonix CLI and install wanted meta packages.

To learn what meta packages exist, see file: debian/control · master · Whonix / anon-meta-packages · GitLab

Read every line starting with

  • Package:
  • Description:

Then install each wanted meta package.