Level(s) of safety using two diff whonixVMs for different things?

If I have two whonixVMs, use one whonixVM for “totally anon” (yeah i know nothing is totally anon), and use the other whonixVM to log into an account, say regular account (using one whonixVM) and an account that has onion address (using the other whonixVM) am I at risk since I have used two diff browsers and VMs or since they are both using the same whonix-gw am i still at risk? To add to this, I read everywhere that one is not supposed to addons with tor browser, but if I am rarely using javascript (I have it globally forbidden by default) and mainly use it for posting/reading how much am I compromising myself? (again, keeping two diff whonixVMs, this would be the “casual” one, the other would be “totally anon” with no addons etc). Thx

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Please regard this: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Multiple_Whonix-Workstations

Regarding JavaScript, activating specific sites via NoScript may make you trackable via the specific list of sites you allowed.

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Thank you Ego.

Thank you for the link, so it seems Qubes is def the more secure way. nice to know. I am still unclear about the separation when using different VMs. I think I am answer my own question but would feel more comfortable if someone more knowledgable confirmed - or correctred - my assessment.

When I set up a dummy WhonixVMs the whonix check gave me significantly different socksport and transport test results for the 2 diff VMs, though I am not sure what those mean or if they matter. When I did the IP check from the opening browser page the IP addresses of the 2 diff VMs were different but barely, only the last digit was different - and it was only 1 dig, not 3 in both cases. I also tried checking the MAC addresses as I think whonix spoofs the mac addresses - right? I used ifconfig and the MAC-HWaddr addresses were also different but also just barely? Again the address was only different by the last digit?

So A. Are my assumptions right? B. Am I checking right C. Does the marginal difference in numbers/addresses matter?


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