Let go the IP leakage in some situation maybe a better idea

If OS out the vbox have the capacity to assign IP address to the guest OS, as you need to connect to the Internet, so your ISP knows your natural IP address but no need the spoof one which only needed when transferring data between in and out the box. So if the IP address from OS in the box leaks, it’s the spoof one, and can set any IP address if you like (not only the Tor exit node as the current whonix does).

When you leaking, the plugins (flash, webrtc, etc) or other softwares would think themselves had positioned you, because the address is different from Tor list and the Tor exit node.

how can I have Virtualbox give the host OS a specific IP address to connect to guest OS? As the ISP doing to your host computer.

You can only pick and choose from local area network (LAN) IP addresses. How to change those is somewhat documented here:

(Documented for a different purpose, but same instructions.)

I however don’t see what that would be useful for, so this might not be what you are looking for. If you are wondering if you can just pick and choose and WAN IP and appear as it, no, that’s not what Whonix does. Whonix uses the Tor network, so the usual way is to appear as using Tor exit relay IP addresses. This can be somewhat more spoofed by using proxies and VPNs.

But that’s still very limited. You cannot freely pick and choose as an ISP could. (Even an ISP may only pick from its address range and not anything.)

Maybe I misunderstood the question. It’s not very clear to me… I try a different answer.

Whonix for VirtualBox and KVM does not support Torrification of your host operating system traffic. That’s unsupported. (Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ) Patches welcome.

You could run a physically isolated Whonix-Gateway. (Build Documentation: Physical Isolation) That would have Tor-only traffic and torify anything behind that gateway.

Qubes-Whonix might be able to run host [update] traffic through a Whonix-Gateway ProxyVM. I haven’t tested setting it up like this yet.

Anyhow. You’ll always need an ISP. Some ISP always has to give you an IP. It’s not possible to avoid this due to the nature of the internet.

Maybe related:

For example, if I owned an ISP, I can give some nice IP to A user. In fact, no one I own, so create one in my host os, only to serve the guest OS in Virtualbox.

guest OS->host OS (act like ISP)->Tor->ISP (real ISP) -> some ISPs ->destination

The host acting like ISP for assigning a nice IP to guest for the communication between host and guest.

In this case my answer Whonix Forum applies.

Still not completely sure what you are asking for, but the answer is probably no. You cannot do some easy trick to generate some IP to appear as someone else. You cannot easily become like an ISP that way. Changing something on your host or changing LAN IP’s is something that has very little or practically zero effect on the internet. That’s not how the internet works. At best you can appear as someone who allows you to use its external IP such as Tor exit relays and VPNs.

If I buid an ISP just for serving my computer, Can I archive that without government knowing what I build? And any special devices I should have than the normal computer? And is this kind of computer special to the adversary?

You cannot build an ISP just for serving your computer.

if u have that amont of money to build an isp for u to get hidden , i dont think u gonna need that just give half of that amount of money as a donation to whonix and i think u gonna c the iron whonix which no isp can know what u r doing inside it. :wink:

Get it, thank you.