Leak Testing for Whonix-Gateway Binary 2.1.7-201412012134

Leak Testing for Whonix-Gateway Binary 2.1.7-201412012134

This thread is for those who would like to contribute original leak test results and leak test confirmations of the Whonix-Gateway Binary 2.1.7-201412012134 in the Qubes community templates repository. If wanting to discuss leak test results, then please start a new separate forum thread for each leak test result you would like to discuss.


Leak Testing Instructions:

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you are using the Whonix-Gateway Binary 2.1.7-201412012134 when reporting and confirming in this thread.

You can find some existing leak testing instructions and resources here…


When reporting leak test results, please include relevant information such as:

  • Leak Test Conclusion (example: Pass/Fail/Undetermined) - (pass = no leak; fail = leak)
  • Whonix Qubes Version (example: 2.1.7-201412012134)
  • Whonix Install Type (example: Binary)
  • Whonix VM Type (example: Whonix-Gateway)
  • Tor Version (exmaple:
  • Qubes OS Version (exmaple: R2)
  • Qubes Firewall Rules
  • Leak Test Inputs
  • Leak Test Outputs
  • Relevant Notes & Links

See prior reports on this Whonix Qubes forum for examples.

Feel free to redact any private information that is not needed for test confirmation using “REDACTED”.

Please make one separate post in this thread for each separate test you report.


Current Results as of January 13, 2015: NO RESULTS YET


Please note that the trustworthiness of the people and systems used in contributing such leak tests is impossible to verify. You are encouraged to conduct independent tests of your own, if relying upon this software for your anonymity.


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