Lags in Firefox

  1. Lags when scrolling a page in Firefox.
    Scrolling with a delay.

  2. Specific bug.
    Firefox with the Dark Backgraund Extension. On half of the websites the font breaks.

Hi Xezo

Your questions can be answered as per:

  1. To start with try to remove the Whonix specific part of the question. These issues have to do with Firefox web browser.
  2. Using a search engine look for “Firefox scrolling lag” and “Firefox dark background breaks fonts”

Also you should not be using any browser other that Tor Browser

Warning: Only Tor Browser is recommended for use in Whonix when browsing the Internet.

Warning: Using regular browsers is pseudonymous rather than anonymous.

If browsers other than Tor Browser are used in Whonix, the user’s IP address and Domain Name Service (DNS) requests [4] are still protected. However, users do not profit from Tor Browser’s protocol level cleanup in this scenario. Features like proxy obedience, state separation, network isolation, anonymity set preservation and a host of others are simply unsupported by other browsers.

In stark contrast to regular browsers, Tor Browser is optimized for anonymity and has a plethora of privacy-enhancing patches and add-ons. [5] With Tor Browser, the user “blends in” and shares the Fingerprint of nearly three million other users, which is advantageous for privacy.

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