Kvm issue worksation drops to login screen

I’ve been using KVM for a few days now and I’ve come across a really annoying problem, every so often mainly when I load Tor and connect to any onion website, my screen goes blank and goes to the generic kde login screen.

Lets say I use the default whonix login details user and changeme, it then logs me back into the workstation but everything I was working on or if I had the Tor browser open is now gone/closed.

Does anyone know why this is, I never got this issue in virtualbox.

I attached a photo of the screen I copied it from google images but this is the screen that pops up and I have to put in user/changeme.

Please refer to the wiki link in the pinned topic “Attention: Debian Users Known Problems” and apply the QXL graphics workaround.

Make sure you have Whonix 13.

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