KickSecure - Screen Lock on Lid Close - Issue

This isn’t a unique one to KickSecure since I’ve found other references to it around the web. However, it’s a bit of a security issue. In the XFCE4 Power Manager Settings, if one chooses to have the screen lock upon the closing of a laptop lid, all of the open running programs in display will stay in full view upon opening the laptop lid. After a few seconds, the user will be prompted to enter their password in the standard greeter lock screen.

I haven’t found any solutions to this that have worked yet. I wasn’t quite sure where to put this since it isn’t a “Whonix” issue. But, figured it might also be worth patching in advance for KickSecure.

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This is too “heavy” for Kicksecure. speak: I cannot modify/fork the C code of Xfce. Even if contributed, such a feature should be contributed directly to Xfce.

Kicksecure (and Whonix) might be ported to Gnome to gain Wayland support. Therefore perhaps swap above statement from Xfce to Gnome.

Hence, please report/contribute this issue upstream.
If there’s a setting to fix this, happy to enable by default in Kicksecure but if there isn’t, reporting here very most likely won’t result in this fix getting implemented.

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i haven’t really found a proper fix for this. one hack i did was install software that could minimize all open desktop apps, and set it to trigger on a lid close. but, it’s too sloppy. this issue does not occur with gnome.

i don’t expect a proper code fix from this in xfce, since this issue has been reported for a very long time. was more curious if anyone figured a hack workaround for it that may be worth implementing. the sloppy method i mentioned above somewhat worked. however, the references to the minimized windows are still present in the taskbar. additionally, xfce still takes input before the login screen pops up, which could allow for maximization of the running software. i’m not particularly a fan of gnome for a number of reasons. but, this is one positive it has over xfce under the circumstances.

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