Kicksecure Installation - the group user does not exist

Fresh Debian install.

Kicksecure simply does not work for me.
First I try to add user: Addgroup command not found. Every-time. Sudo is fine. If i try /usr/sbin/adduser user' the group user does not exist OR /usr/sbin/adduser "group". The group user’ already exist. I am new to Linux spend hours trying this step addgroup or groupadd so I just skip. Installation part works however when you try to add kicksecure-cli: “The following packages have unmet dependencies: kicksecure-cli: Depends: kicksecure-dependencies-cli but it is not going to be installed. Unable to correct problems, you have broken packages.”

Just need to update how to install Kicksecure GNU/Linux.

That step is not optional. Creates exactly the follow up issues that you’re experiencing.


  • User account user exists.

These prerequisites are also not optional.

Added to documentation just now:

Easiest to choose the linux user account name to be user during installation of Debian buster.

Alternatively replace user with the actual user name.

To find out what that is, run (without root):