Key Import.. key fingerprint doesnt match..

Heyllo everybody :grin:

I am having some trouble with KGpg Assistant. I think. When I imported the patrick.asc with KGpg it did not match the screenshot found on the tutorial page. Instead I was met with (in short):

1 key processed
One key imported
8D6606[…]DA Partick Schleizer <adrelanos@riseup.net>

So it is a major difference compared to the one on screenshot:

9C131A[…]EF Partick Schleizer <proper@secure mail.biz>

I know that the email address is different but my concern is the, I guess, fingerprint.

However, under Details GNUPG says

916B8D99[…]CCDA 0
[GNUPG]: KEY_CONSIDERED IMPORTED 8D6606[…]DA Partick Schleizer <adrelanos@riseup.net>

I am real new to all this so if anyone could explain and tell me straight away not to trust this one Id really appreciate it.

Also, I might have been too quick with downloading all the signatures and checksums before this step. :thinking:

OK, and now I just realized I have the same key as they point out in the Whonix Signing Key page, under Web of Trust. The gpg --check-sigs one. I know it said it was for Advanced users but yeah. What is still concerning is the part that did not match up when I imported the patrick.asc with KGpg.

Perhaps that is nothing to be bothered with?

Anyways. Gracias if anyone could guide me through what is wrong and what I am supposed to do. That would be great, thanks.

Hi lol

Those screenshots are a little outdated. The fingerprint in the Whonix singing key wiki is correct. Nothing to be concerned about as long as everything matches up to that page. :wink:

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