Kernel panic on KVM Whonix Gateway on fully updated Debian 10 host

The Whonix Workstation works perfectly, which confuses me a bit.

AFAICT a closed source module was added to the kernel and has some bug that the FLOSS community can’t help with.

You are better off reinstalling the GW.

How was the closed source module ending up inside Whonix-Gateway in the
first place? Were any nonfree / driver packages installed by the user?

A cusomtization done by the user? Without more info I can’t really know.

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Possible but unlikely? What kind of closed source package would any user install for what motivation? Sounds like an obscure effort we never heard about. I saw kernel tainted messages without closed source modules too, I think.

Hello everyone,

thanks for the quick answers. Some further explanation:

  • I closely followed the guide at Whonix ™ for KVM
  • I already had both Patrick’s as well as HulaHoop’s OpenPGP key imported.
  • I verified that the checksum and the signature of the downloaded archive file was correct.
  • I imported the Gateway and the Workstation and only started them without doing any prior modification, e. g. inside the VMs, by editing the XML files before importing or anything of that kind.
  • The kernel panic the Gateway returned happened on its first boot.
  • A reboot of the host system and a reinstallation of the VMs didn’t help.
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