Keepassxc freezes in nested virtual enviroment


I’m not sure if this a problem with my settings, or just because i’m a newbie to whonix but i have some problem with KeepassXC on whonix. Let me write my config here:

  1. Whonix is running under a Proxmox Trisquel 9 Guest, so it is nested.
  2. Whonix GW has 2GB RAM, WS has 5GB RAM, besides everything is the same as it is in the KVM image.
  3. My passwords are stored on my NAS, and usually i use sshfs to connect to the database, on whonix as well.
  4. After mounting my database with sshfs, opening KeepassXC, after 1 or change in the database and KeepassXC just freezes. I even can’t kill it. Only an OS restart helps.

What do you think? Is it because Whonix is used as nested VM, or there is something with sshfs, or even with KeepassXC? I can’t think anything else. Does someone has maybe any idea about this issue?

Thanks any help!

Very rare combination. Very complex. I doubt anyone else doing that and at the same time having a solution.

I recommend to eliminate Whonix from the equation for testing purposes as per Free Support for Whonix ™ to lower complexity and get access to wider support resources.

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Thanks for you reply!

Today i had some chance to experiment with it a little bit. It seems sshfs is the source of the problem. KepassXC gget to a D state if i check it with top command, and if i kill the sshfs processes keepassxc is going to work again. For now i made a local copy of the password file ,and i’m going to keep experiment with different syncing options, mainly with rsync and maybe with syncthing.

Yeah, for now i just wanted to play around a bit with Whonix. I know it had been a bit (as you said) complex. I will try some more simple solution.

In the meantime i will study the linked wiki page!