KDE Plasma renaming shortcuts turns them into matlab script

I recently switched from Whonix 13 to Whonix 14 which uses KDE Plasma. So I’m still getting used to KDE Plasma and its quirks. I changed KDE Plasma’s desktop into the folder view so it behaves similar to KDE in Whonix 13.

However if I rename a shortcut on the desktop, the file properties change because when I click on properties it’s associated as a *.MATLAB script. And indeed when I try to open it, it opens up KWrite instead of executing what the shortcut is pointing to.

I tried googling for a fix since it’s not a whonix specific issue, but rather an issue with KDE Plasma, but I’m wondering if anyone else experienced this problem and knows of a solution?

I figured it out. Whenever I rename a file on the desktop it loses its .desktop extension for some odd reason. If I re-add the .desktop extention in dolphin or in the konsole then everything is good again.

Honestly I think KDE Plasma unnecessarily complicates simple tasks but I am getting used to it.