Just so I'm clear: is all traffic going through tor, or not?

I’m asking because I want to install a feed reader in my whonix installation. Tails uses liferea, so I would imagine I can use this over tor and have a reasonable amount of anonymity.

However, I’m not clear, from reading the forums, whether all http(s) traffic is torified. If I install liferea, add feeds, and start pulling articles, is this going to be over Tor, or not?

I’m running whonix in virtualbox, if that’s relevant.

All traffic in the workstation is forced over Tor.

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That’s what I thought, but then I was seeing threads about how certain packages (e.g. apt) are modified to use tor, which made me second guess my assumption. thanks for the reply.

Probably referring to stream isolation in which certain apps are configured to use their own SocksPorts.

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Interesting. I suppose Qubes is an extreme form of stream isolation. I wonder if I can set that on a per-app or even per-URL basis in Whonix.

Tor Browser’s tab isolation by socks user name

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