JanusVM website

They have change the appearence of the JanusVM website i think the janusvm project is back!!! look http://school-of-privacy.com/post/26574432506/janusvm

Good day,

sorry, but I seem to be unable to understand. Now, I don’t want to sound rude, but as far as I can tell you’ve linked a report made by a third party (at least I haven’t found anything about school of privacy being affiliated with JanusVM), which shows a report from 2012 about JanusVM. The only page directly made for the JanusVM project which I’m aware of, is: http://www.janusvm.com/ which seems to be just the same as it has been about five years ago. Or am I missing the point? Would be really nice if I did, because even though Whonix and Qubes are great, getting some more competition and maybe inspiration for even safer security concepts, is something I can only support of.

Have a nice day,


oh i misunderstood it then i thought they revived janusvm

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