It is worth updating BIOS?

It is worth updating bios on my laptop for better security ? There is new bios version, but there is no description what it fixes. Logic says that more updated things is more secure, but is the same with BIOS ?

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normally, a “newer” BIOS-version should always be better, however, if you don’t even know what is “new”, I wouldn’t recommend doing an update in a heartbeat. Are you sure that there are no change logs? Because your PC-manufacturer is usually obligated to inform you about any changes which may apply. Furthermore, sometimes there are community made “modded” BIOS-versions which, while voiding your warranty in most cases, often allow for more options, which in turn can lead to more security.

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I don’t think anyone has good advice for this in the absence of Libre Software Hardware (Open Hardware) and Libre Software firmware. See also: