Issues with installing PSI+ on whonix. (Beginner)

So, after trying out every possible option for running xmpp client in my workstation - (pidgin, gajim - there is no support for those, no plugins and I kept getting spammed as f***, it wasn’t usable anymore) decided to give a try to PSI+. Having small issue while installing it though - and I can’t find anything online, so decided to post. Downloaded tar.gz file for Psi+, then when I tried to run ./configure after unpacking it, it says I don’t have zlib - I have no clue what zlib does and how to install it. I’d greatly appreciate any sort of clue.

fgh@host:~/Desktop/psi/psi-1.4$ ./configure
Configuring Psi …
Verifying Qt build environment … ok
Checking for Qt >= 4.7.0 … 4.8.7
Checking for LibIDN … yes
Checking for QCA >= 2.0 … yes
Checking for zlib … no

Error: need zlib!

If there is any other approach to installing it, I’m not aware of it

Zlib is a library that is used for file compression/un-compressing. There are several libraries available. Find out which one psi uses and obtain it through apt-get. You can search with: sudo apt-cache search ^package-name-here (you need that ‘hat’ in the command)

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Thank you for reply @anontor
So after running search:

$ sudo apt-cache search ^zlib
zlib1g - compression library - runtime

There is no library called ‘zlib’ though, while zlib1g is already installed

Install from Debian? Easier?


sudo apt update
sudo apt install psi-plus


https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle applies.


The solution for this issue is here.

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