Is there a default whonix VM resolution? (fingerprinting related)

With the latest update we can freely resize the VM window and that changes the resolution of the guest system. That is nice and handy but I’ve resized it by mistake and now I’m afraid if this resolution does make me kinda unique?
I recall reading something about that kind of finger printing in the wiki long ago.
Aren’t the user of the newer whonix less unique because of this flexibility?

Is there default resolution and if yes how to revert back to it?
I know that tor browser now doesn’t allow max window size because of this issue, but still I would like the system res to be the same, just in case.

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Resizing the VM doesn’t make you more vulnerable, only resizing the browser, as currents there is no way of finding out your main resolution outside of the browser.

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VirtualBox user? -> One method would be uninstalling the graphical part
of VirtualBox guest additions.

sudo apt-get purge virtualbox-guest-x11

Another option could be trying if you can reach this by using VirtualBox

However, it’s questionable if you get less fingerprintable by this -
because few are browsing like this.

What might be better would be trying to use some or the most common
desktop resulting for your Whonix-Workstation resolution.



I believe when you enable JS that site can see the OS resolution, not just the browser one.
And some sites really need to have JS enabled to work properly. Including this one :smile:

Yes, VB user.

I’m not sure what you mean that few are browsing like this?

I thought the idea is that all whonix users appear the same as far as fingerprinting is concerned?

Citation required.

If you’re the only one or only a few are using that “super safe” configuration, then it does not help. Anonymity loves company.


1 - You are right, doesn’t happen in tor browser with JS enabled.
But happens in regular firefox with JS enabled. So must be something else. Will look further. Basically, it gives screen resolution and work window resolution.

2- Yes that is what I meant. And now since everyone has different OS resolution, everyone has different tor browser resolution. (since it seems it chooses resolution based on the OS resolution but smaller)
And instead of being unified, there are few sub-sets of fingerprints based on resolution.

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since, as you’ve noticed yourself, it isn’t possible, to find the real desktop resolution over JS (no matter which resolution is used, it’ll always appear to be 1000 x 600 with 24bit), when using the TBB, the question, which desktop resolution would be the best, is pretty much irrelevant as using any other browser in Whonix is recommended against.

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Yes but tor browser seems to be sized now relatively to the OS resolution, no?

Mine is rather odd at 1000x800 (the tor browser)

Please compare with [Debian] [Linux] [hosts or VMs].

The problem is my TBB resolution is reported as 1000x800 hence the questions here, seems to not be common one.

TBB rounds resolution. There is probably no Whonix specific issue here.

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