Is RAM Wipe possible inside Whonix? Cold Boot Attack Defense

secure-delete* package name in debian (sdmem: secure-delete memory)

Wipe mode is secure (38 special passes)
Using /dev/urandom for random input.

real 1m40.819s
user 0m0.072s
sys 0m0.163s

Wipe mode is insecure (one pass with 0x00)

real 0m0.503s
user 0m0.008s
sys 0m0.089s

Happen to me, i opened xfce-terminal and start moving it right and left until the screen freezed permanently (play for less than 3 minutes with anything like browse some stuff and open close terminal…).

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Huge progress has been made.

Implemented by dracut module cold-boot-attack-defense (by security-misc).

Will in near future be available for Kicksecure hosts. Should be easy to port to other Linux distributions.

See design documentation, review welcome:

More documentation, call for testers coming in near future.

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Future design (additional kexec based RAM wipe) has been elaborated:

I’ll try to assign this task to implement also the future design to a contractor. Hopefully there will be a good news soon.

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