Is klipper disabled by default?

hi everybody. experiencing problems with klipper. it just doesn’t open. i need it to import PGP public keys into the default KGGP software on whonix.
is there any other way to import KGPG keys otherwise?


I don’t see how you need klipper for key import. It should be automatically started anyhow. It’s the scissors symbol in task bar.

An alternative way to import is using gpg command line.

thanks, quite noob to whonix…was just under my eyes.
btw KGPG refuses to load public key from clipboard. don’t know why…

is there also a way to have drag and drop working? i need to transfer some files from whonix to the host linux machine and do not know how to do that

thanks Patrick for all you job!

I haven’t used it yet It certainly required guest additions ( and very recent versions of VirtualBox. (The Debian stable one is too old.) If it works with Debian it should work for Whonix as well (as per Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System)