Is jondobrowser canceled?

Jondobrowser downloaded site could not be visited for several weeks or months, can you, do you know what had happened.

Got no special knowledge on that case. Looks like they broke that link. Just go to the top level domain and go to download. Can still be downloaded. Otherwise consider asking in their support channels.

I searched “jondobrowser” in top domain and only return one link that is the link I posted in the topic

If you say the jondobrowser download link is given here JonDonym Software Downloads, then I search “jondobowser” again, it just a component of JonDo Live DVD, 1.1 GB is my option.

So where is it?

Right on that page:
JonDoFox – anonymous and secure web surfing

JonDoFox is not JonDoBrowser, now you can only download JonDoBrowser at unofficial site, I don’t download it from there is security.